A busy start to 2022!


Partnerships and collaborations: delivered

🤝 World Mobile began a new partnership with COTI.

🤳 World Mobile became members of GSMA, the global organisation dedicated to building better telcos.

This is just the beginning.

Making headlines

🌍 World Mobile made headlines in Forbes: Connecting The Unconnected: World Mobile Tokenizes Mobile Infrastructure Development In Africa.

🔥 CNN talked about our Zanzibar rollout.

Bloomberg said World Mobile will “provide connectivity at a cost 12 times lower than traditional operators.”

🙌 The World Economic Forum said World Mobile were “an important step towards closing the digital divide.”

Spreading the word on podcasts and YouTube

🎤 Micky talked to Africa 54 about how the digital divide isn’t just about connection.

🎤 Enrique Opi, VP Corporate Office at World Mobile, announced the partnership between World Mobile and EPSON on the Cardano Hotel podcast

🎤 Emmanuel Gratch, Co-founder of World Mobile, talked about World Mobile’s roadmap on Crypto TV.

Second aerostat partner

📣 World Mobile announced they’re working with a second aerostat partner, Atlas. Each aerostat will deliver coverage of up to 75km.

Out and about

🛰️ The team went to meet SpaceX to further develop the relationship with Starlink.

🤝🏿 They have also been putting in the legwork in Dubai at Metaweek, Binance Blockchain Week, Wow Summit, World Blockchain Summit and the AIBC Summit; as well as the Middle East CC Sustainable Development Forum in Bahrain, plus GSMA’s WMC in Barcelona.

And to top it all off, Antonio Hernández, World Mobile CTO, stole the stage at Crypto AM’s Valentines Soiree 💖

Answering your questions

🎥 Two AMAs this quarter.

From Blockchain and Balloons to the Unconnected Billions in January, to the AMA in February on Rollout, RealFi and Renewable Energy.

And that’s not all…

🎉 @WorldMobileTeam hit 30K Twitter followers.

👾 World Mobile’s Discord server is now live!

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Jack Barclay
Jack is a freelance copy strategist that works with companies using blockchain to make the world a better place. At World Mobile, he helps us shape our messaging, spread the word and make sure we’re making it as easy as possible to know exactly how to get involved with connecting the unconnected.