Connecting Africa and beyond


Connecting Africa and beyond

The World Mobile network is uniquely capable of delivering efficient and more affordable connectivity to the places that need it most.

Our beta network rollout in Zanzibar is proving that by working together with users and allowing people to own their part of the network, we can connect the unconnected and realise our vision of bringing Internet access to everyone in the world.

Africa is the least connected continent in the world as it’s inefficient for legacy networks to roll out infrastructure across many regions, making it a massive opportunity for the deployment of our network.

World Mobile is a global network, however, and there are also many opportunities to bring more efficient, transparent and cheaper connectivity and the power of the sharing economy to places that are already connected.

A unique new model for connection

World Mobile’s dynamic network model and sharing economy allows us to boldly go where no telco has gone before.

By allowing people around the world to own and earn from AirNodes- the devices that deliver last-mile connectivity to customers – the World Mobile network creates a sharing economy that lets local entrepreneurs benefit from delivering coverage to their communities, creating new business opportunities, growing World Mobile’s coverage and allowing everyone to benefit from the wealth of opportunities Internet access provides.

Our efficiency is further aided by our dynamic network design, which can use a selection of backhaul technologies uniquely suited to the challenges faced in the area where we are rolling out.

For example, by deploying our aerostat solution we can deliver mobile coverage in a 70km radius while only needing to connect one fibre for backhaul. Or, in isolated areas where there are not enough people to be efficiently served by an aerostat, we can use satellite Internet as our backhaul solution.

Digital sovereignty, privacy, and decentralised identity are baked into the World Mobile network’s core design, offering a transparent solution for connectivity that doesn’t commodify user data without permission and offers native access to the burgeoning world of Web 3.0 and decentralised services.

Being built on blockchain, World Mobile is unstoppable and highly resistant to downtime, and its powerful features make it an attractive new option for connectivity - not just for the unconnected in Africa, but for anyone in the world.

The power to connect the world

With only a handful of countries without connectivity problems in the world, nearly every country has unconnected areas that require a dynamic network like World Mobile to deliver Internet access.

The latest stats from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) show that 2.9 billion people globally are unconnected. We believe access to the Internet is a human right, and Africa – with its low mobile broadband penetration and coverage - is the perfect place to start rolling out our network and making a difference together with our node operators.

As part of this mission, we’ve pledged to tackle the problem of global connectivity and connect 1 billion people by 2030.

In addition to our deployment in Africa, however, we are also looking at rolling out to various other places around the world. We recently announced the launch of World Mobile in the United States, where we have the opportunity to address a lack of cell coverage in rural areas and connect the 10% of the country without Internet access.

Those already connected to legacy networks in countries like the United States will also benefit from World Mobile’s sharing economy, the opportunity to get paid by owning infrastructure and earn rewards that grow with the network, and all the services offered by a decentralised network designed to deliver next-generation connectivity.

For the first time in history, anyone can own a part of their mobile network, get paid for providing connection to others, own their personal data, earn rewards for processing transactions and securing privacy for others and have a gateway to the next generation of decentralised Internet services in the palm of their hand.

That is the power of World Mobile - a network designed to grow and reward the people and to be used by anyone in the world.

We’re delighted to be working with local entrepreneurs in Africa to bring the power of connection to those that need it most, and we’re also making exciting progress in bringing the World Mobile network and its sharing economy to people on other continents and across the world.

The World Mobile network is designed to be global and to offer everyone the opportunity for better Internet access and inclusion in a circular sharing economy, wherever they are.

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