World Mobile at Consensus 2022


Highlights – World Mobile at Consensus 2022

The World Mobile and World Mobile Token teams recently headed to Austin, Texas to join the Cardano community at Consensus 2022 – the global conference showcasing the latest developments in the world of crypto.

The event was a resounding success, and the Cardano booth was packed with people excited about World Mobile and other innovative new businesses being built on the blockchain.

Our visit to the US was amazing and fruitful, especially considering we just announced World Mobile’s official launch in the United States along with the onboarding of James Tagg as Chief Architect.

We met many wonderful members of the wider blockchain community, attracted great interest in our network and token, gave away a ton of merch and even sat down for a chat with Input Output CEO Charles Hoskinson to discuss the incredible potential of the World Mobile network.

Check out our highlights from our visit to the US and Consensus 2022.

Exploring Dcentral Austin

Our tech team landed in Texas two days ahead of Consensus 2022 to attend Dcentral Austin, a Web3 event showcasing the latest applications being built around NFTs, DeFi, the metaverse and more.

Dcentral Austin took place from 6-8th June 2022 and saw many high-profile speakers across different blockchains discuss the future of the Internet and the role blockchain will play in building it.

We spoke to blockchain developers and companies on the cutting edge of Web3 about their projects and explored how Cardano smart contracts were being used to create innovative new projects and lead the charge in dApp development.

Co-hosting the Cardano Community Meetup

One day before Consensus 2022, World Mobile co-hosted a Cardano Community Meetup with Input Output, where we met and spoke with people from all over the world, some with an interest in Cardano and others who were simply curious about crypto.

We had a booth at this event where we gave away World Mobile merchandise and introduced many in the Cardano community to the World Mobile network and token.

Charles Hoskinson addressed attendees at the event, after which our CTO, Antonio Hernández, gave a speech on collaboration and the power of communities to affect real and disruptive change in the world.

Making a splash at Consensus

The Cardano section at Consensus 2022, where we were set up and engaging with the crowd, was the epicentre of excitement on the first day of the event.

Visitors were excited about the potential of our project and the ability of World Mobile Token to deliver rewards that grow with our network, and many couldn’t wait to get hold of some official World Mobile merchandise.

Charles Hoskinson also gave an address on Cardano in Africa at one of the event’s Exploration Stages. World Mobile featured prominently in his speech, with the network at the forefront of demonstrating Cardano’s utility for solving real-world problems.

Sharing the unstoppable World Mobile network

The 10th of June was the second day of Consensus 2022, and we saw incredible interest from attendees as World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins, delivered a speech to a large crowd at the Cardano booth on how the World Mobile network aims to connect the world.

At the core of his speech was the idea of a sharing economy, open to everybody, that allows anyone to benefit from contributing to the network.

“World Mobile is a new economic model for connecting the unconnected. We believe that everybody has the right to connection, and right now only half the world is connected,” he said.

“Legacy business models and legacy infrastructure have left half the world offline. For the first time ever, we can be unstoppable - a people-powered network, powered by a sharing economy, balloons and blockchain, allows every single person to make a contribution and earn from a trillion-dollar industry at the same time.”

He welcomed attendees to visit our booth at the event and to speak to the World Mobile delegation of how they can get involved and join the people-powered network built on blockchain.

Fireside chat and networking

Sunday the 11th of June saw us attend a networking brunch hosted by Luna PR, where we had the opportunity to speak to investors and exchanges about World Mobile Token.

The event was a great opportunity to network with like-minded people from other blockchain ecosystems and saw Micky participate in a fireside chat to discuss World Mobile’s global movement and the industry as a whole.

We made great connections during our time in Austin: we are taking our relationship with Input Output to the next level and had exciting discussions on expanding our partnership, and the World Mobile team had successful meetings with mobile operators about the future of the network in the United States.

Checking out the Cardano hackathon

Consensus 2022 wasn’t the end of our adventures in Austin.

Before heading back, we attended and were represented at the IO Developer Workshop and Hackathon on the 13th of June.

This was a great opportunity to check out the latest innovations and applications being built using Plutus smart contracts and explore the recent updates to the Cardano blockchain protocol.

Get involved

Be sure to stay up to date with the latest news on our global deployment and join the movement to connect the unconnected through the sharing economy.

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