Country Operations Update 02

Teams update - June 2022

Market access team and regulations & industry team:

  • Attended the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) World Telecommunication Development Conference in Kigali, Rwanda.
    • World Mobile pledged to connect 1 billion users by 2030, starting with a $350-million investment over the next three years to establish hybrid dynamic mobile networks across 20 countries in Africa.
    • At the Partner2Connect Digital Development Roundtable, Micky announced the World Mobile team’s pledge on plans of connecting the unconnected, which was positively received.
    • Met with regulatory heads of department as well as ministers from the telecoms sector from over 20 countries.
    • Direct invitations to enter new markets were received while others expressed a strong interest in the World Mobile network.
    • Invited to sit on the ITU-R – the steering committee for standardisation and frequency/spectrum, amongst other topics.
    • Conducted two high-profile press interviews whilst there – Bloomberg and CNBC Africa.
    • Met with major US telco industry executives.
  • Additional licenses in Kenya are approved.
  • Our license in Nigeria has been approved.

Vendors and supply chain team:

  • Additional AirNode suppliers onboarded to scale Zanzibar rollout.
  • The shipment of our first aerostat (Demo 1) is approaching.
  • Assessing several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for comms payloads.
  • Ongoing discussions with OpenRAN hardware manufacturers.

Country rollout team:

  • Inventor James Tagg joined the global team and will be leading the development of our hybrid and dynamic network as Chief Architect.
    • Several patents are already in process for payloads, interference management and other key parts of our network.
  • Customising the UX of the network.
  • Integrating with payment partners and services to prepare for paying customers.
  • Developing installation-ready sites for aerostats.
  • Developing the framework for proof-of-service functionality within the network.
  • Obtained further permissions for site locations in Zanzibar (including a World Heritage site – the Old Fort - where we have successfully installed AirNodes covering a large area of Stone Town in time for a film festival). Further AirNode deployment updates coming.
  • Aerostat 1 preparation continues. Site preparation, building, backup power, etc.
  • Recruitment in Zanzibar to grow the management team.
  • Collaborating with IO on a Web3 education program for Africa.
  • Started transmitting network data onto the World Mobile Chain – WMT Scan website to be released soon.
  • Met with an East African NFT platform to discuss connecting art centres and other potential opportunities.
  • We were delighted to host a community member, Mark 41, who visited our offices and some of our AirNode sites.

Blue economy team:

  • Two weeks of workshops, research and site visits undertaken.
  • Report being written and presented to the Government of Zanzibar very soon.

Country Operations Update 01

Now we’re well into the rollout phase of our Beta Network in Zanzibar, we’ll be posting regular updates from the country ops team, hopefully every month.

Firstly, let’s introduce the team. They’re broken down into five different squads:

Market access team: They research and prioritise all the countries World Mobile has entered into and will expand to as the company and network grow.

They obtain information about local laws (especially telco regulations), the existing telco environment, spectrum availability and the investment environment to make sure we maximise our success once we commit to entering a country. The market access team are also responsible for creating policies and processes that comply with local regulations.

An investment and finance committee supports this team with budgets and tracking, timelines and scaling to provide higher-level governance and accountability to the country rollout.

Partnerships, collaborations, vendors and supply chain team: They are responsible for building commercial relationships with key vendors and suppliers. This includes hardware from OEM suppliers (like Ubiquiti, Cambium, etc.), non-proprietary software (for example from Microsoft, IoT providers, etc.) and backhaul providers.

Creating these contracts takes time, and a reliable pipeline of equipment, software and services is crucial given the current environment that suppliers are facing globally.

Regulations & Industry Team: They are the experts in telco regulations, from applying for licenses and acquiring spectrum to developing relationships with the ITU, GSMA and other institutions/organisations.

Compliance and these relationships are crucial to the long-term success of World Mobile, and we have some of the most experienced and well-respected people in the telco industry delivering exactly that.

Country rollout team: They are responsible for rolling out the network, which includes the acquisition of sites, site surveys and spectrum analysis, as well as deploying equipment throughout the territories. Once this is completed, this team supports the network through maintenance and capacity planning. The country rollout team is also responsible for the deployment and management of solar panels and other renewable energy equipment as required for viable nodes.

Blue economy team: They focus on our partnership with the Zanzibari government to ensure we work to improve the maritime industry and reduce issues such as illegal fishing. This is a collaborative effort that brings vendors, regulations and financiers together to create a solution for the government of Zanzibar and future territories.

Teams update - May 2022

Market access team:

  1. Registered legal entities and/or acquired licenses in:

    1. Tanzania
    2. Kenya
    3. Nigeria
    4. UK
    5. Jersey
  2. Pending registration:

    1. 6 more countries in Eastern and Southern Africa
    2. 1 more country in West Africa
    3. 1 more country in North America
    4. Mozambique deployment with Empowa
  3. Market access planning:

    1. Assessed 35 countries
    2. Shortlisted 20 for market entry

(Note: we do not share details of these countries until we have our first license. This is out of respect for the regulators we are working and partnering with.)

Partnerships, collaborations, vendors and supply chain team:

  • Multiple rollout and maintenance partners in Tanzania identified and acquired.
  • Altai
  • Ubiquiti
  • Cambium
  • Telrad
  • IOG
  • Empowa
  • Starlink
  • Microsoft
  • Google Project Taara
  • Battery / Cabinet / Pole / Solar suppliers
  • Exclusive hardware manufacturers
  • Altaeros
  • Atlas

Regulations & Industry team:

  • Joined the International Telecoms Union (ITU).
  • Joined the Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA).
  • Attended Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona 2022.
  • Pre-market regulatory entry assessments for all 54 countries in Africa compiled.
  • Prioritised entity registrations for the remainder of 2022.
  • Invited to attend and speak at the round table at the World Telecommunications Development Conference (WTDC) in Rwanda in June 2022.
  • Working with all registered entities and supporting them with local regulations, regulators and government policies.

Country rollout team:

  • Supported the development of the AirNode and deployed Ubiquiti devices for local mesh networks.
  • Consistently performing coverage, quality and speed testing to ensure the long-term scalability of the network and business model.
  • Working with IOG on current and future deployments.
  • Designed and deployed point-to-multipoint backhaul BTSs.
  • Deployed Breath Nodes throughout the network.
  • Created a Zanzibar hub, including a NMC (Network Management Centre) and NOC (Network Operations Centre).
  • Initial rollout during development stage includes:
    • Urban and peri-urban coverage in Stone Town and residential area
    • Farming location (Central/South Unguja)
    • Isolated island location (North Unguja)
    • Tourist location (East Unguja)
    • Educational locations (various and strategic placements)
    • Fishing locations/markets
    • Social club - streamed a Fulham FC football match in a Zanzibar social club, powered by the World Mobile network with more than 100 local people watching
    • Pre-installation preparation work for the first Aerostat which will provide:
      • A telecommunications tower in the sky to maximise coverage
      • Backhaul for our network
      • IoT connectivity
      • Handset / device connectivity
      • Blue economy infrastructure
      • Google Project X Taara FSO sites identified and deployment planned
      • Deploying sites in the United Kingdom

Blue economy team:

  • Due to the nature of this project and information being sensitive we are unable to share all details. However, some of the tasks within the project are:
    • Analysis and selection of hardware and software solutions for the blue economy
    • Equipment shipped to Zanzibar and being deployed
    • Performing a cost/benefit study to compare solutions to track vessels using a multitude of technologies settling on the blockchain
    • Supporting the creation of a custom payload for aerostat
    • Researching solutions to increase the coverage of the territory
    • Create a data-heavy analysis of future infrastructure requirements and marine spatial planning for the Zanzibar blue economy team
    • Working with IOG on supply chain and decentralised identity solutions to deliver eGovernment solutions for the Zanzibar government
World Mobile Staff
World Mobile Staff