Fulham’s official Principal Partner 2021/22


We’re excited to announce that World Mobile will be the official Principal Partner of Fulham FC, London’s oldest professional football club! This three-year partnership includes Fulham FC Men’s, Women’s, Under 23s, and Under 18s teams, and is a milestone accomplishment for blockchain.

“Our declaration of intent is to bring inclusivity to every home in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the beginning of the end of the digital divide. Fulham and World Mobile together will open a new world.” Micky Watkins, World Mobile CEO.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Whether played in your local park or a national stadium, it has the power to bring people together. Football gives us a sense of belonging, a shared passion, and an unfaltering belief of what can be achieved when you put your heart and soul into it. Across Sub-Saharan Africa, Pan Middle East, South Africa, Israel, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates nearly 20M people watched the 2020 EFL Championship (English Football League).

It was important for us to create a partnership with a team that shared our goals and values. Fulham FC, founded in 1879, is the oldest professional football club in London. FIFA recently named it the most ethical club based on ownership, partners, employment practices, fan involvement, and tax status. Off the field, the club’s official charity is the award-winning Fulham Foundation, which offers an array of community programmes. The Foundation runs over 25 programmes, under eight themes including Disability, Football and Sport Participation, Health and Wellbeing, Women & Girls, and Youth & Community. The Foundation looks forward to working with World Mobile and in partnership, supporting the Foundation to deliver its mission of ‘building better lives through sport’.

“We are so excited to begin this partnership with Fulham FC. It’s crucial to us that we share the same values as our partners, and we’re confident that based on Fulham FC’s history, we have a shared viewpoint. This partnership will help spread the word on our mission to connect Africa and beyond, giving everyone an opportunity to get involved.” Micky Watkins, World Mobile CEO.

This is a huge milestone for the first mobile network built on Cardano’s blockchain. Our partnership was carefully crafted over many months and originally detailed in the first quarter of 2021. Throughout our three-year agreement, we’ll create powerful content with Fulham FC that helps drive our mission to connect the unconnected by sharing ownership of our network. This partnership will widen our reach through digital, social, TV and more. Fulham FC is renowned globally for its integrity and credibility, so joining the Fulham family feels truly symbiotic.

“Fulham FC prides itself on its community-driven spirit, as seen with the incredible work that continues to be carried out by our Fulham FC Foundation,” says Alistair Mackintosh, CEO of Fulham FC. “We support World Mobile’s vision to improve connectivity in less developed areas. Keeping the world connected is the future, and we look forward to working with World Mobile during the three-year term of our partnership and assisting them, by using our club platforms, to publicize and amplify their fantastic work.”

On July 28, Fulham’s new kit featuring World Mobile’s logo will be revealed across our social channels.

We’re connecting everyone, everywhere. Join us.

Helen Towers
Helen Towers is a content creator and copywriter with over a decade of experience making brands matter to the people who matter to those brands. Creating for a wide variety of platforms with an even wider variety of clients, she’s at her happiest when working with others who care about results, relationships, and doing good.