How World Mobile is connecting the unconnected (infographic)


Imagine life without the Internet. It just wouldn’t be the same. No access to information, education, business, banking, world news, or communication with friends and family.

3.7 billion people remain unconnected. That’s half the planet. The United Nations has declared ‘online freedom’ a human right, and yet one in two people can’t talk to each other. Through blockchain and the sharing economy, World Mobile will provide Internet access, data protection, and economic freedom.

This infographic explains how World Mobile connects the unconnected and how you fit in.

Download the PDF (63Mb)


Isaac Tan
Isaac Tan is an advisor and content writer for World Mobile. Within the banking sector, he is especially experienced in financial markets, including crypto markets and equities markets. The latter has involved him writing independent analysis in conjunction with stockbrokers, supporting companies and management through content creation, and advising ultra high net worth individuals on their investments.