Monthly Roundup – July 2022

It’s been a busy month for the World Mobile team. From an AMA with World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins and IO CEO Charles Hoskinson to exciting new partnership announcements, here are the highlights from this month:

Extended partnership with Fulham FC

We recently announced that we’ll be extending our partnership with Fulham FC for the 2022/23 season. The World Mobile logo will move to the sleeve of the official matchday shirt and will also be featured on the front of the official training kit this season.

This will help showcase the World Mobile brand to billions of people around the world, growing our global exposure and movement.

Check out the recent viral video of Fulham player Antonee Robinson rocking the new training kit as he performs an impressively smooth card trick, or read more about our partnership with Fulham on our blog.

Fulham FC World Mobile Kit

A chat with Charles Hoskinson

This month, we published a interview we conducted with Input Output CEO Charles Hoskinson at Consensus 2022.

He shared his excitement around World Mobile and the progress we’re making in our mission to connect the unconnected:

“I think you guys have an extraordinary offering and it’s really exciting to see it go from an idea to a reality that will transform and change the lives of millions of people.”

Check out the full interview with Charles Hoskinson

AMA with World Mobile and IO

Charles Hoskinson also featured alongside World Mobile CEO, Micky Watkins, in an AMA conducted on Twitter Spaces this month.

This was an excellent opportunity to field questions from the community and explore the latest developments around World Mobile’s rollout and our partnership with Input Output.

Partnering for affordable housing and connectivity

We announced this month that we will be supporting Empowa to help deliver affordable housing and connectivity in Beira, Mozambique.

The synergy of our network and Empowa’s decentralised home financing is poised to provide life-changing opportunities for people in Beira.

Highlights from Consensus 2022

The World Mobile and WMT teams recently headed to Consensus 2022 to meet up with the Cardano community and share our vision of connecting the unconnected.

Check out the recap of our visit to Austin, Texas.

Working with Epson to enhance education

This month also saw us partnering with Epson to support education in Zanzibar by providing the technological tools that inspire children to learn and teachers to teach.

Read the full announcement.

An update on our rollout

The third instalment of our Deployment Diary went live this month, delivering the latest news from our teams on the ground and our strategy going forward.

The latest from our developers

Every month, the devs give an update with the latest from the web, nodes, blockchain, native apps, systems engineering and infosec teams.

Read our latest Developer Diary here.

In the news

World Mobile continued to build momentum this month, especially with the news of our extended partnership with Fulham.

James Tagg, World Mobile’s recently appointed Chief Architect, was also interviewed by Kaizen Crypto on the technology behind the network.

To find out more about World Mobile’s dynamic network and how it can use different technologies depending on where it is deployed, check out this blog post.

Meet the Community

The latest Meet the Community interview is here. This month, we caught up with Andrei, a future EarthNode Operator and World Mobile fan living in Spain.

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