We’re excited to announce that in partnership with IOG (Input Output Global), we’ll be partnering with eGovernment Agency Zanzibar (eGAZ) to create long-term blockchain solutions and position the region as the blockchain hub of the world.

Expanding Zanzibar’s Blue Economy potential

Ocean-based activities contribute to over 29% of Zanzibar’s GDP and employ around 33% of its labour force, yet the region hasn’t realized its full Blue Economy potential. Blue Economy refers to the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, livelihood and careers, including sustainable marine energy, fisheries, and maritime transport. For Zanzibar to experience rapid growth in these areas, it needs the technological infrastructure to create more sustainable Blue Economy policies and enhance communication amongst these enterprises. Together with IOG, we’ll now offer blockchain solutions for such an infrastructure.

“Zanzibar is on its path to becoming Africa’s blockchain hub, and we are thrilled to help make it a reality, sending ripple effects across the region. Together with IOG, our efforts to connect the unconnected will enhance Zanzibar’s blue economy.” Micky Watkins, World Mobile CEO

Positioning Zanzibar as a blockchain leader

By developing a blockchain academy, our collaboration will position Zanzibar as a leader in the industry. We also plan to establish a hub for events and conferences, which will attract industry professionals and talent worldwide. Our long-term collaboration will roll out in four phases over five years. Ultimately, the initiative will expand Zanzibar’s Blue Economy and lead to a more significant economic shift permeating other parts of the economy, including tourism agriculture and telecommunications.

“We are committed to Africa in the long-term, so being able to provide the tools that will turn Zanzibar into a well-developed blockchain centre is exciting. With our blockchain implementation of registry systems, the people of Zanzibar are moving closer to a new reality that will benefit all aspects of the economy.” John O’Connor, Director of African Operations at IOG.

Our five-year plan to drastically boost Zanzibar’s GDP

Phase 1: Education

The first phase of this collaboration will focus on education by launching a blockchain academy, developing a joint program for students, and bringing back talent to Zanzibar. Starting in Spring 2022, the blockchain academy will hold conferences to attract experts worldwide.

Phase 2: eGov solution

The second phase creates an eGov solution, with IOG implementing blockchain in registry systems with digital IDs, trackability and traceability. The integration of back-end government systems will enable business-process automation, prevent corruption, and cut software costs

Phase 3: Blue Economy

The third phase creates a Blue Economy by formalising the local fishing economy to enhance tax revenue collection, understand supply chain management, and improve tax and auditing visibility.

Phase 4: Model Build Out

The fourth phase will replicate the Blue Economy model for other parts of the economy including tourism, agriculture, and telecommunications.

Shaping the future of Zanzibar

We’ll provide connectivity with our community-owned telecoms infrastructure and our cost-effective hybrid network. Together with IOG and eGAZ, we’ll implement a system to create more efficient and effective governance for the future of Zanzibar.

“We are excited to shine a spotlight on Zanzibar’s emerging potential as the blockchain centre of the future, starting with the next blockchain conference hosted by our brand new blockchain academy. With the help of World Mobile and IOG, we will bring back talent to Zanzibar and we are looking forward to reaping the fruits of this spectacular initiative.” Said Seif Said, Director General of The E-Government Agency.

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World Mobile Staff
World Mobile Staff