New partnership with Boson Protocol


Our vision is to connect the unconnected so everyone can experience decentralised finance and economic freedom. This exciting new partnership with Boson Protocol will allow our subscribers to do just that.

Who is Boson Protocol?

Boson Protocol is taking a different approach to eCommerce. Founded by tech unicorn builder Justin Banon and the man behind the tech, Gregor Borosa, they aim to disrupt traditional commerce markets, allowing people to retain their data and its value. Currently, intermediaries are accepted as a necessity in eCommerce. Yet, they complicate transactions, add time and money, hoard data, and make subsequent profits. So we have to ask: why have we put up with this for so long?

Boson Protocol agrees with us and has found a solution with dCommerce.

“The team at Boson Protocol are pioneers in the dCommerce marketplace, and their solution integrates well with the marketplace of World Mobile. Our aim is to reduce the costs of intermediaries and make digital content and services more affordable, which aligns well with the philosophy of the Boson Protocol. Our digital ID solution powered by Cardano will also enable a whole new set of users to gain access to the products available through Boson Protocol.” - Alan Omnet, World Mobile COO

What is dCommerce?

The unique solution Boson Protocol offers bridges the universe and the metaverse, enabling buyers and sellers to exchange digital value for products and services in the real world. This is done by tokenising the agreement between the two parties; their Commitment NFT can represent any physical or digital thing, allowing a future smart contract to be created. The holder of a commitment token can either redeem the token for a particular thing or transfer the token just like any other NFT in a crypto wallet, both options being safe and secure. Cutting out the inefficient and expensive intermediaries simplifies everything, and increases trust and transparency.

Like World Mobile, Boson Protocol puts self-sovereignty and self-data governance front and centre and wants to create a level playing field that empowers all of us, not just the biggest and most privileged. By replacing human arbitrators with a piece of game theory, they’ve created what they call Decentralized Autonomous Commerce, taking the friction out of commerce for people, organisations, and machines.

Our shared vision

“I am thrilled about our partnership with World Mobile; it represents the start of real digital inclusion for those not digitally connected in parts of the world overlooked by the big Telcos. Being able to offer a dCommerce experience that supports and rewards buyers and sellers as part of a larger impactful decentralised integration is a great honor for Boson Protocol.” Justin Banon, Boson Protocol co-founder.

This is a fantastic partnership for both World Mobile and Boson Protocol, working towards a more accessible, affordable, and decentralised world for all.

To learn more, read Boson Protocol’s whitepaper or visit their website.

Check out the official World Mobile and Boson Protocol Partnership NFTs.

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