World Mobile pledges to connect 1 billion people


World Mobile pledges to connect 1 billion people at WTDC in Rwanda

Our team recently headed to Kigali, Rwanda to attend the World Telecommunication Development Conference 2022.

The event, which addresses the biggest telecommunications challenges the world is facing, was hosted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) from 6th – 16th June 2022.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Connecting the unconnected to achieve sustainable development” – a topic perfectly aligned with our purpose and the design of our network.

The World Mobile team on the ground included:

  • Micky Watkins, CEO
  • Alan Omnet, COO
  • James Tagg, Chief Architect
  • Robert Magembe, Market Access Director
  • Charles Njoroge, Chief Regulatory Officer
  • RJ Katunda – CXO Africa

Check out what we were up to in Rwanda below.

A pledge to connect 1 billion people

At the event’s Partner2Connect Digital Development Roundtable, Micky Watkins made an impressive pledge, saying that World Mobile aims to connect 1 billion people by 2030.

“We pledge to provide meaningful connectivity to no less than 1 billion people globally by 2030,” he said.

“As a starting point, we pledge to invest $350 million in the next three years in establishing hybrid dynamic mobile networks across 20 countries in Africa, starting with markets in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and Kenya where we are already incorporated.”

He also pledged that World Mobile will offer connectivity at half the price of existing operators – solving the problem of affordability – and that the network would offer a full range of digital services built on blockchain technology and digital identity.

“Through our services, we pledge to address three of the four focus areas of the P2C Digital Coalition, namely Access, Adoption and Value Creation,” he added.

Connecting the unconnected together

In the same session, Micky spoke about how World Mobile plans to connect the world by working with everyone from regulators to the people most in need of connectivity.

“We have approximately 3 billion people offline. This means one in two people cannot speak to each other. This is not right.”

“The World Mobile network has a cost factor of 12 to 1 compared to existing mobile networks. United with the help of regulators, with the help of partners, with the help of everybody, there is a chance to connect the world,” he said.

Micky also stressed the importance of collaboration, which is the foundation of the World Mobile network that provides the true power for its success.

“Telecoms only works with collaboration. Together we can change the world, and together we can begin now. Talking is great, but action is just as important.”

Building strong connections

While in Kigali, the World Mobile delegation met with high-profile executives and officials, including regulatory heads of department and ministers from the telecoms sector across more than 20 countries.

We also hosted a networking event at a startup hub in the city, where Micky told attendees that when it comes to connecting the unconnected, the time for action is now.

“We’re here to make a real difference. We’re not here to talk, we’re not here to dream – we’re doing,” he said.

“We have the technology, we have a new economic model, and we’re already doing it in Zanzibar.”

Our conversations during our time in Kigali were exciting and fruitful – we received invitations to enter new markets and were invited to sit on the ITU-R, the ITU’s steering committee for standardisation and spectrum.

Interviews and press

While in Kigali, Micky sat down for a number of high-profile interviews with local and international publications.

This included an interview with CNBC Africa on our plan to deploy $350 million in funding to deliver connectivity in Africa and how World Mobile’s dynamic hybrid network will ensure our success.

Watch the full CNBC Africa interview here.

Get involved

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