AirNodes explained – Connect your community and earn rewards

As part of our mission to connect the unconnected and empower customers through the sharing economy, World Mobile takes a unique and unprecedented approach to mobile network rollout.

Traditional mobile operators deliver connectivity where it is profitable for them to offer their services at a large scale, and some collect and sell your browsing data. At World Mobile, we aim to deliver a secure and private mobile network run by the people, for the people, where users retain their privacy.

On the World Mobile network, local entrepreneurs can connect their communities themselves, allowing them to earn rewards for the Internet access they provide while ensuring user privacy is maintained.

This goal is realised through AirNodes – devices that people can purchase or build themselves to offer voice, text and data services on the World Mobile network.

You may have heard about our advertisements encouraging local entrepreneurs to apply for AirNodes, or maybe you just want to learn about this crucial part of our network.

We’ve broken down the idea behind AirNodes, how they work and how to get involved below.

What is an AirNode?

AirNodes are the access layer of the World Mobile network. They provide the last-mile connectivity for the voice, text and data services used by World Mobile customers and communicate with the rest of the network (EarthNodes and AetherNodes) using the Internode API.

Essentially, they replace the traditional last-mile access run by mobile operators. Instead of a big telco tower, AirNodes are hybrid mesh devices run by anyone who wants to provide connectivity in their area.

When World Mobile users connect to an AirNode, the AirNode operator monitors their usage while preserving the users’ privacy. They can then earn rewards for the volume of data, text and calls they process on the network.

AirNodes aren’t owned by World Mobile – they’re owned by their operators, who earn rewards for connecting their communities.

Anyone in a region where World Mobile is licensed to operate can buy an AirNode, share their connectivity to the network, and earn by providing Internet access to users.

People who want to earn from delivering connectivity to their area can apply to purchase a complete AirNode device that comes pre-loaded with the software needed to offer last-mile access to the World Mobile network, or they can use their own hardware configuration and install software to offer the same access.

We may also kick-start network rollouts by helping set up AirNodes for communities in unconnected areas and providing support services to help operators configure and deploy AirNodes to best suit their needs.

How do AirNodes work?

AirNodes can come in a variety of hardware configurations. Operators can buy a pre-loaded AirNode device or build their own using the provided software.

These hardware configurations change depending on capacity and location requirements – AirNode operators can use a smaller device like a microcomputer for delivering connectivity around a business, or they can set up more advanced hardware to operate an AirNode that delivers Internet access to an entire community.

Setting up an AirNode configuration can be as simple as combining a Raspberry Pi, an access point and wireless equipment with the AirNode software. As the hybrid World Mobile network is hardware-agnostic, operators can even buy off-the-shelf equipment to set up their AirNode.

Once a user connects to an AirNode, the operator then sends their authentication details to the EarthNodes, the heartbeat of the World Mobile network that process transactions, secure the digital ledger and offer a range of services from finance to decentralized identity.

The EarthNodes then respond to the AirNode operator with the connected user’s available balance and services. As the user browses, calls or texts, their usage is metered through the AirNode and sent back to the EarthNodes when their session is completed. This communication is recorded and settled on World Mobile Chain, the network’s underlying blockchain.

For users, connecting to the World Mobile network is as simple as choosing an AirNode and tapping ‘Connect’.

Watch as our COO Antonio Hernández shows how easy it is to set up and connect to an AirNode:

Earn from the sharing economy

AirNodes deliver a crucial component of World Mobile’s sharing economy: the unique opportunity for people to earn by providing Internet access to their communities.

For providing the essential last-mile component of the network, AirNode operators earn rewards in their local currency or in World Mobile Tokens, where supported.

“Own it. Share it. Earn from it” – this is the core concept behind World Mobile’s sharing economy and its decentralized mobile infrastructure. Anyone can buy an AirNode and plug in to the people-powered network, earning passive rewards as others connect to the network through their device.

AirNode operators also earn a share of revenue as the World Mobile network grows, benefiting from the continued expansion of the network and its coverage. The more people that use World Mobile, the greater the rewards for AirNode operators.

Buying and setting up an AirNode not only allows you to deliver affordable and reliable Internet access to your community, but it also opens the attractive business opportunity of participating as an infrastructure operator on a disruptive global people-powered network.

Unlike traditional mobile operators, the World Mobile network can go anywhere. It’s powered by the people that own their part of it – like the AirNode operators – and earn from empowering their communities with affordable connectivity.

Join the unstoppable World Mobile network

Expect to hear more about AirNode deployments across various regions as the World Mobile network continues to rapidly expand.

Be sure to stay up to date with the latest news on our global deployment and don’t miss your chance to bring the World Mobile network to your community as an AirNode operator.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the World Mobile ecosystem and our mission, check out the links below:

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World Mobile Staff
World Mobile Staff