Highlights - World Mobile and IO AMA


Highlights - World Mobile and IO AMA with Micky Watkins and Charles Hoskinson

World Mobile recently hosted an AMA on Twitter Spaces together with Input Output, featuring our CEO and Founder Micky Watkins and IO CEO and Founder Charles Hoskinson.

The speakers fielded questions around our strong and expanding partnership with IO and Cardano and how our network can enable the Web3 Internet of the future.

Inventor and World Mobile Chief Architect James Tagg also tuned in to respond to questions on the technical aspects of our dynamic hybrid network model and our recent pledge to connect 1 billion people by 2030.

Check out the top moments from the AMA below.

World Mobile creates a new, decentralised Internet

When asked about his interest in World Mobile, Charles Hoskinson was passionate about our network and its ability to create a new, decentralised Internet.

“The success of World Mobile is the great enabler of connectivity for the cryptocurrency space,” he said.

“It’s kind of silly to be in the cryptocurrency space and not worry about the ISP because the ISP has so much control over whether you can use the cryptocurrency or not to begin with.”

“From my side it’s a match made in heaven. It’s a fundamentally strong partnership and I really am rooting to see how they grow and how they succeed.”

Why we chose Cardano

When asked why World Mobile chose to build its network on Cardano, Micky said the choice was simple because the goals of both projects are aligned.

“Why did we choose Cardano? Who else do you choose? It’s the most serious of all blockchains and it’s the strongest of all blockchains,” he said.

“We can be the layer that connects the unconnected and Cardano can be the protocol that banks the unbanked.”

“It’s incredible technology. And when we looked three and a half years ago, we could see the difference between everybody else and what Charles and IO were building.”

“And then you take the partnership, and you realise how very serious this man is to actually go and deliver RealFi into emerging markets. It’s perfect.”

Building a network for billions of people

Our recent pledge to connect 1 billion people was the subject of much excitement during the AMA session.

Responding to questions on how we can attain this, James Tagg explained how World Mobile’s global footprint can enable us to grow into one of the biggest mobile networks in the world.

‘We’re building a multi-country mobile network, and there are a lot of people in that footprint we’re planning to enable and connect,” he said.

“Big mobile networks are not that common. Companies like Vodafone that have some of the largest networks are still a few hundred million people, but we will end up building one of the biggest mobile networks in the world.”

Charles added to this by explaining how the right business model and community can deliver explosive growth.

“If you get the right distribution model, especially when you talk about infrastructure, then you could do something in a matter of days that would normally take 60 years,” he said.

“Part of it is about getting the right business model, but part is getting the right community around it, the right incentive structure, and it’s entirely possible in a seven-year period to have something go from nothing to a billion people.”

This is supported by the global nature of the World Mobile network and its ability to offer improved connectivity everywhere in the world, not just in Africa, as Micky explained:

“The problem that exists in Africa also exists worldwide. There are only a few countries that are immune from the lack of connectivity.”

He used the United States as an example, noting how 30% of the country’s landmass is unconnected and 10% of the population has no access to Internet.

In addition to deploying infrastructure in areas like this, Micky and James also explored spectrum sharing models and how they can enable World Mobile to deliver efficient connectivity to areas where other telcos can’t go.

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