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Εverything you need to know about World Mobile Chain.

World Mobile is a mobile network designed to give the people back the power of their voices.

Anyone can own and operate elements of our network and get paid for it. We have strived to protect user privacy, and have fought to give everyone the best possible rates on their calls, data and texts wherever they are on this planet. 

We hope to make talking, learning and connecting as affordable and fair as possible. Creating new businesses, supporting old businesses and connecting the unconnected to the world at large.

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There are many aspects of our business that use blockchain.

By storing information on this distributed ledger, we practically eliminate network fraud and produce more effective billing for both us and for you.

We also use smart contracts to deliver our services to your device, ensure you are connected to the best possible infrastructure, and get the quality of service that you deserve.

Key to this are our Earth Nodes, which handle much of our billing, authenticating and provisioning. These are decentralised nodes run by users around the world.

Find out more about our Earth Nodes here.

Whether you’re a stockbroker in Stockholm or a farmer in rural Angola, we believe that everyone around the world should be able to access resources and communicate with one another.

By providing packages at a much lower rate than our competitors, we are giving those in disadvantaged positions the opportunity to develop business, cultivate relationships and expand their horizons.

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Most mobile operators agree with one another to put extortionate markups on the minutes, data and SMS packages that they sell their users. At the same time they deliver impoverished services and bad lines in order to ensure they’re making maximum profit. We don’t think that’s right.

At World Mobile want to keep our margins slim to give our users a fair price on their phone bills. That’s why we charge our costs + operational charges – so that our users can rest assured they’re getting the best deal.

We can do this by going over-the-top of traditional operators, using infrastructure already in place and installing our own, inexpensive equipment in strategic positions to reduce our expenses.

At the same time, we generate revenue from subscribers and other networks connecting to and using our infrastructure. We then share that around to our users and operators, and help improve connections to impoverished regions through our Community Fund.

World Mobile Coin is used to buy User Credits – these give our users call, text and data credit in our App and on our SIM.

At the same time anyone can spend or get paid in World Mobile Coin for services straight from their wallet wherever they are, with minimal fees.

World Mobile Coin must also be staked (locked up) in order to operate our nodes.

Currently you can only pay for User Credits using World Mobile Coin.

We are working on accepting payments in USD and other major currencies, as well as selected cryptocurrencies including Cardano, Bitcoin, Binance Coin and Ethereum.

You have to maintain a minimum balance of User Credits in order to access our services. This includes our free inter-network calls and texts, as an access charge has to be paid per transaction – this is a minimal amount used to attach encrypted user information to our blockchain.

Of course! As long as the handset is unlocked…

All you need to do is purchase one of our SIM cards, put it in your phone and you’re good to go. Depending on which generation of SIM you’ve got, you may have to input a few settings manually, which you should receive via email.

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