Network Nodes

Your share of the $1 trillion telecoms industry.

Be Your Own Operator

Bring better connectivity to your local community by owning and operating elements of our network. The best part? You’ll get paid when people use your network.

The Nodes

Our network is made up of nodes.
They each have important roles to play in delivering our
call, data and messaging services around the world.

Earth Nodes

Process WMC blockchain and data security functions.

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Air Nodes

Grant users around you access to the World Mobile network.

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Aether Nodes

Interconnect with SMS, mobile and fixed operators.

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The Rewards System

Get Paid For

Providing network availability

The amount of connections processed

Deliver better coverage, data protection and rates to everyone around you all whilst earning a passive income.

Get A Node

Help grow the World Mobile network and connect your community!

Our nodes are not yet commercially available. But if becoming your own operator sounds exciting, register your interest below and we’ll keep you updated.


Earth Node: Staking WMT + Pass our Know Your Customer procedures + Linux/sysadmin experience
Air Node: Pass our Know Your Customer procedures
Aether Node: Relevant telecoms licensing + Demonstrate QoS requirements will be met + Provide multiple points of resilience

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