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Granting access to The World.

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The Network You Power

Operate an Air Node.Connect people around you.Get paid.

Creating The World Mobile Mesh

Together our Air Nodes will combine to create the World Mobile mesh network.Bigger, better and bolder than anything out there today.

Bandwidth will be shared between all World Mobile users for constant, incredible connectivity in the heart of the concrete city and deep in the country.

More points of connectivity means faster download speeds and improved call quality for all World Mobile users.

Get Paid For Air Time

Your Air Node gives everyone around you the opportunity to access the World Mobile network. We don’t treat that lightly

That’s why you will receive a percentage of the revenue that passes through your node.

Choose Your Node

WMC Portable Air Node


1-5 Connected DevicesThe ideal companion for travellers, remote workers and multi-devicers.

WMC Home Air Node


5-50 Connected DevicesPerfect for home use, connect all your laptops, PCs, phones and tablets.

WMC Community Air Nodes


50-1,000 Connected DevicesConnect your local community, your customers and your tenants.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

A mesh network is a system of nodes connected to one another to best route traffic and ensure there is no single point of failure. Together they form a ‘mesh’ that covers the local area, eliminating deadspots, speeding up your download speeds, and improving call connections.

All connections to our mesh network are authenticated by our Earth Nodes. They make sure that all your communications are encrypted on our end, and can only be decoded by your private key – which only you have access to. Find out more about our Earth Nodes here, or a deeper dive on our privacy protocols here.

If the World Mobile mesh hasn’t reached your area yet, or you’re worried about losing connectivity – don’t be. We have agreements in place so that your phone can connect to existing towers and you will never fall offline.

Of course, you could always install a node to grow the mesh and spread the World Mobile message yourself…

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