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The beating heart of World Mobile.

WMC Earth Nodes

Our Earth Nodes Are Little Boxes Of Brilliance

And each box contains 3 awesome elements with a whole lot of responsibility.

The Blockchain

  • Secures your identity from hackers.
  • Connects you to your contacts.
  • Keeps track of your credit.
  • Pays you for running the node.

The Telecoms System

  • Connects your voice and video calls.
  • Gets your texts to the right person.
  • Monitors the network quality.

The Translator

  • Talks to other elements on the network.
  • Records user information securely.
  • Authenticates service plans.

It’s Rewarding

All Earth Node operators make a return on the network interactions their box processes. Pretty sweet.

So you not only get to experience that warm fuzzy feeling that you’re doing something good. You also get paid too.

Is The Earth Node For Me?

Anyone can operate an Earth Node, as long as they pass our KYC procedures. But there are a couple of things you should know.

1. You will need some Linux/sysadmin experience to get to grips with it.2. To operate an Earth Node, you will need to stake World Mobile Tokens.

You should also know at least a bit about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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I’m Not Sure That’s Me

Then maybe an Air Node is more your thing. Think of it like a super router that provides connectivity to everyone around you.

Air Nodes

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