Privacy & Security

The State Of Things

In our desire to be connected we’ve compromised our identities. And for the sake of convenience we share sensitive data without a second thought.

Our Android phones send packets of personal information to Google 91 times per hour. Our images and personal data are found in dumps hacked from centralised silos, our communications easily intercepted by governments, criminals and corporations from origination to destination.

Our most intimate information sold to god knows who for god knows how much.

We don’t think that’s right.

Our Solution

World Mobile’s privacy-centric app grants you access to a fully secure communications suite providing text, voice and data services all encrypted with secure protocols and authenticated by blockchain. By hard baking data security and communications privacy into the core of the network, we will make threats to free speech and personal integrity, of fraud, blackmail and identity theft things of the past.

The Specifics

On-Net Comms

The WMC network utilises end-to-end encryption to ensure communications between you and your contacts cannot be read by a third party, and that messages can be authenticated and have their integrity verified.

We use reliable TCP connections (HTTP2/HTTPS/WSS) under Transport Layer Security for signaling. For video and audio streaming we use UDP (QUIC, when available) connections through the WebRTC API, using DTLS for the handshake and SRTP on top of RTC for integrity, authentication and privacy.

Whilst current systems are adequate for security requirements, we are also developing our own WMC protocol to improve the efficiency of Media over IP, and provide a better user experience.

Off-Net Comms

We cannot guarantee the integrity of calls that connect to legacy telecommunications networks (off-net), as we may not be able to encrypt the communication. If this is the case, we will let you know.

Data Storage

Your data is encrypted and stored on a distributed file storage system to which you are the only one with the key. For added security, your data is split into multiple pieces, with each piece stored on a different server in a different location. This removes the ability of hackers to target single centralised silos of data both physically and digitally.

The data stored includes your call detail records (CDRs), billing and transaction history, and usage information, and is available for you to view at any time through your account.

Data As A Service

You own your data. So you should be able to use it however you like. That’s why we’re currently working on a system which will let you sell select data to marketing companies and services if you so choose.

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