What Being Connected Should Cost

Only Pay For What You Use

No contracts.No roaming.No extra charges.No time limits.

Billed By Blockchain

Our innovative, blockchain-based billing system means we can give you totally transparent, to-the-second prices.

WMC Earth Nodes

Seconds, Not Minutes

Billing has got a whole lot better. So why should we still charge you for 59 seconds you didn’t use?

Totally Transparent Pricing

We only ever charge our wholesale costs + operational expenses. As our costs reduce, so do yours.

Daily Rate Updates

We receive our wholesale rates every 24 hours, and automatically update our costs to make sure you never overpay.

Our African Rates

Call rates are complicated, especially when you’re talking about every country in the world.So here’s a simple sample of our rates in Africa*☨.

Vodacom Tanzania MTN Uganda World Mobile
Local on-net calls $0.06 USD $0.064 USD $0.0001 USD
Local off-net & fixed-Line call $0.091 USD $0.064 USD $0.02 USD
Calling to UK $0.44 USD $0.065 USD $0.009 USD
Calling to USA $0.28 USD $0.059 USD $0.009 USD
SMS to UK $0.071 USD $0.137 USD $0.04 USD

*Last updated on 7th April 2020☨Full call and data rates are available on request.

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