Nearly 4 billion people are unconnected worldwide.

How can half of the world still be offline? Simple. Traditional mobile networks won't invest in hard-to-reach places because it’s not profitable.

But we won’t take distance for an answer.

We’ll go the extra mile because we know connection is everything. So, when other mobile networks ask, how can we afford to connect remote places, we ask, how can we afford not to?

Bring connection.Bridge the gap.

Our network nodes are affordable and easy to set up so local business owners in any part of the world can buy a node and create a connection point for themselves and others earning rewards for any node usage.

icon Connection Identity Wallet

Open a world of possibilities.

Own or run a network node that provides coverage and a digital ID, unlocking access to education, healthcare, and digital banking.

Icon Sustainable Business Model

Create a sustainable business model.

Empower local business owners to connect themselves and others while earning World Mobile Tokens — a digital currency they can earn, share and spend.

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Unlock the freedom of choice.

Being unconnected is not a choice. It’s a circumstance. Through World Mobile, you give people the choice to bridge the digital divide and live a more connected, secure life.

Let’s reboot the telecoms industry.

Backing World Mobile means you believe everyone, everywhere has a right to connection—no matter how far away they are. It starts with a node and opens a new world of possibilities.

Join our network.

We’re based on the sharing economy, so you can run a network node, connect your community, and earn valuable rewards.

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Meet our first Smart Village.

Kajanjoo, Tanzania is a living example that when communities have the power to connect themselves they can do remarkable things. After a year, local fishermen have grown their businesses, quintupled their profits, and tripled their shops and bars.

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Our commitment to sustainability.

We believe in social, economic, and environmental sustainability. By using off-the-shelf equipment and renewable solar energy, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint, while respecting the communities we’re connecting.

Make the world a more connected place.

So we can all experience digital inclusion and economic freedom.

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