We're a global mobile network.

Our service delivers calls, texts and data in over 50 countries. And our encrypted app is setting a new standard for digital privacy.

But with 50% of people around the world still offline, we’re not stopping there. We’ve made it our mission to deliver cost-effective connectivity to every corner of the planet.

Icon Global Mobile Network

Connecting the unconnected.

Using unlicensed spectrums, blockchain technology and our own telecoms wizardry, we have developed an affordable way to bring underserved areas online for the first time.

Icon Introducing Kajanjoo

Introducing Our Smart Village.

This village is one of the first to use the World Mobile network.
Now local residents are making calls and watching YouTube straight from the comfort of their own homes.

View the Smart Village Case Study

That’s just the beginning.

That’s just the beginning. So starting from our Smart Village, we’re scaling up.

By deploying our nodes, we’re creating a nation-wide, low-cost mesh network that can deliver connectivity to the whole country.

Icon This Is Just The Beginning
Icon It Doesn't Stop There

And it doesn’t end there.

There are over 700 million people in Sub Saharan Africa without cost-effective mobile broadband access. Globally that number is close to 4 billion. Which is why we’re trialling our technology in Uganda, Rwanda and other neighbouring nations.

Next stop, the cities.

By introducing the sharing economy to telecoms, we’re enabling everyone to redistribute connectivity to their local community. Just in time for the increased capacity required for 5G and IoT.

Icon Next Step The Cities
Until Eventually

Until eventually.

Everyone, everywhere, has affordable access to mobile internet. Because we think it’s much better if all people have access to the same information, services and opportunities as each other.

We’re working with the UN’s SDGs

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