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See how connecting a remote village in Africa transformed the way the residents work and live

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Solving the last mile problem

How do you deliver connectivity to a place where the cost of installation is far greater than the ROI?

Tanzanian village left offline

This bustling fishing village in Tanzania is home to around 200 people.

Only accessible via dirt roads and often facing flash floods, they’ve been left offline by traditional telecom operators; a circumstance many African nations face as the delivery and operational costs are just not worth it for traditional operators.

In this case, the nearest town is hours away from where the fishermen conduct business.

Tanzanian village

Powering an entire village

We delivered a wireless network at a fraction of the cost by using renewable, solar-powered energy and hybrid unlicensed spectrum.

People smiling

Creating a mesh network

Our local network partner uses existing fibre optics to reach 65 km from the village. From there, unlicensed spectrum connects to multiple AirNodes creating a mesh network that reaches the village.

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“Our solution will not only turn a profit for World Mobile, but the villages that connect themselves will also thrive in ways they may have never thought possible. Africa will finally be on the grid.”
Micky WatkinsWorld Mobile CEO
Bridging the digital divide

Powered by a blockchain-based sharing economy, the AirNode will be owned and operated by the fishermen who will earn rewards instantly for all calls, texts, and data that run through the node.

Gaining digital identity

Through World Mobile, the fishermen will have access to decentralised digital IDs and online services such as microcredit loans, banking, and healthcare.

Transforming opportunity

Opening access to the world

The fishermen will have access to Wi-Fi so they can connect their phones to the World Mobile network, making it possible to learn, watch the news, message friends and family, and arrange business deals. Using our app, villagers will be able to top up credit in local shops to make low-cost calls both locally and internationally.

In just several months, this “proof of concept” Smart Village saw rapid growth with the number of shops and bars multiplying, and thanks to our backup power and solar lighting, vendors still trade well into the night.

Person looking at his phone and smiling
Person looking at his phone and smiling

Banking on connectivity

Those that live in the Smart Village will have the freedom to explore the social and economic benefits of the internet. From developing online businesses to accessing mobile banking, this new reality will empower them to reimagine how far they can grow.

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