Our manifesto.

There are nearly 4 billion people unconnected globally.

They’re disconnected because traditional mobile networks do not invest in hard to reach places.

But we won’t take distance for an answer. We’ll go the extra mile to connect the seemingly unconnectable, because we know connection is everything. It allows people to be heard, seen, and loved. It creates opportunities to share, earn, learn and grow. Without it, we’re cut off from the world.

So, when other mobile networks ask, how can we afford to connect remote places, we ask, how can we afford not to?

A problem shared is a problem solved together.

Unlike traditional mobile networks, we don’t believe we’re the keepers of connection. Quite the opposite, we rely on people. By making our network nodes affordable, local business owners will be able to connect themselves and others, creating their own smart villages and sharing the rewards.

Identity is powerful.

At the same time, we have an unwavering dedication to privacy. Identity is powerful and it should be celebrated, not shared. Unlike big tech companies driven by data collection, we’re driven by data protection and set the bar for privacy standards worldwide. We don’t believe our users’ data is ours to use, but rather for our users to choose.

Freedom is everything.

Being unconnected is not a choice. It’s a circumstance. Through World Mobile, you’ll unlock life-changing online resources like education, healthcare, and digital banking, so the seemingly inaccessible become accessible.

We believe every voice matters.

In choosing World Mobile, you help everyone, everywhere live a more connected, secure life where they can earn, learn and grow.

Be a part of the change. Back our project and help make the world a more connected place.

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