We’re a network. A foundation. A global movement.

We’re a chain that starts with you.

It’s Your Network

We’ve tried to decentralise as much of the network as possible, to put you in charge.

You run the elements that connect other users to the network.You get your fair share of the revenue the network creates.We manage the regulatory side of things so everything remains in check.

Or you can just sit back, relax and benefit from the low cost data rates, the incredible privacy protection, and global roaming rates that the network has to offer.

It’s yours. So you choose what you do with it.

A Solid Foundation

The World Mobile Foundation ensures that all of our corporate and commercial branches protect your interests. That pricing will always remain fair, and that future developments are what our users want.

To do this we support community feedback and forums, and enable community governance to help us direct the network.

A Real Movement

Our mission is to make things fairer. To give people better access to resources, and better connect people, communities and cultures around the world.

Sustainable Development Goals

In tandem with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we’re committed to deploying mobile technology to empower people everywhere.

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