World Mobile

World Mobile is a global mobile network that gives everyone the opportunity to get connected and provide access to their community. Founded in 2018, our Global SIM card provides affordable call, text and data rates in 53 countries. Our World Mobile app allows users to communicate in confidence and access our marketplace. And our network infrastructure is bringing remote communities online for the first time.

But this is just the beginning.

Our Mission

To give everyone, everywhere fair and affordable access to mobile internet.We know that’s a big statement. It might even sound too big. But with half of the world currently unconnected, and the other half paying for a service that sucks, we think it’s a bit of a no brainer that something needs to change. And we think we’re the ones to do it.

1. We’re better

Where centralised exchanges served the past, our distributed network structure serves the future. It increases capacity, promotes inclusivity and paves the way for new technology. Plus it’s far cheaper.

2. We’re sustainable

Allowing everyone to own and operate key elements of our network makes it not only possible to connect the unconnected, but to do so in a way that is profitable. And profitable means sustainable.

3. We’re trustless

Tech companies want your data. We don’t. In fact, we’re going above and beyond to set a new standard for data privacy, and are creating better ways to self-govern how you share, sell and store your personal info.

4. We’re fed up

With people being exploited. With unaccountable corporations and the telecoms oligopoly. With high barriers preventing people from achieving their potential. And we think that you are too.

We believe that

Your identity is powerful.

It is your stamp on this world, and it is uniquely yours. It should be celebrated, not shared, stolen or sold without your consent.

Your voice is important.

To your family. To your friends. To your contacts, your country and your culture.

Your freedom is everything.

Access to education, economic opportunities and online services must be open to everyone, everywhere.

Our Leadership

We are led by individuals that understand the importance of people, perseverance, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Josh WatkinsCIO
Charles BarnettChief Business Development Officer
Philip Likos-CorbettCommunications Director
Nicholas SoperCreative Director
Charles Njoroge
Charles NjorogeAdvisor